Annotation Progress for the Conceptual Dictionary
We define the conceptual dictionary as a dictionary that explains the original meaning of any given word.
The concept of words can be also extracted using some specific algorithms.
Alankaa Root-Extractor engine will dynamically extracts all possible roots of any given word.
It runs the search for finding the original meaning.
The following dictionaries have being heavily annotated as Classical/Etymology Dictionaries.
However, a special annotation is added to them for extracting the concept.
معلومات عامة ترميز
المعاني الأصلية
القاموس المؤلف المداخل
395 1005 مقاييس اللغة ابن فارس 5247 50%
640 1242 المغرب في ترتيب المعرب المطرزي 2424 90%
650 1252 العباب الزاخر الصاغاني 1633 90%
1205 1790 تاج العروس الزبيدي 11945 90%
Here is an example that illustrates the concept of خساف (Try it online)
Alankaa root-extractor will immediately guess the root and displays its corresponding meaning from different sources.
title 1
If the user clicks on "تحليل كلمة خساف", Alankaa will dynamically display a long list as follows:
title 1
title 1